Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons, Say "Screw Lemons, I Want Cake Pops!"

I've never started baking with Cake Pops as my end goal. But that's where I've ended up a number of times. I can't stand wasting food. When I began experimenting with gluten-free baking, I ended up with cake pops frequently. This time I tried my new paleo and vegan cookie recipe that came out insanely dry. I know, cake pops! So when you have stale, too-long in the freezer, dry or otherwise not so great cupcakes, cakes or cookies, turn them into cake pops!

All you need is some almond milk (or any kind of milk), some agave or honey, dark chocolate, waxed paper, coconut oil (optional) and crushed nuts (optional).

1. Crumble up your cookies/cupcakes with your hands.

2. Mix in Almond Milk and agave 1 T at a time until you can roll the dough into tight cake balls.
(Mine only took 3 T of each)

3. Melt dark chocolate and a bit of coconut oil in a double boiler. I used about 6 oz. chocolate and 1 t oil for this small batch. The coconut oil thins the chocolate slightly and makes dipping easier. (My double boiler is a strong ceramic bowl sitting in a skillet with 1 inch of water.)

4. Poke sticks into cake pops and dip in chocolate. If using nuts, roll in crushed nuts and place on waxed paper. If you don't have sticks that's fine, just get messy and dip with your fingers.

Warning: These are delicious and deceiving. Don't be fooled into thinking cake pops are a healthy treat because they are so small. They're just condensed cakes, still with plenty of calories and sugar (in the form of agave and a bit from the chocolate). I've already eaten three tonight!

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